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An extraction permanently removes a damaged, decayed, or impacted tooth to prevent future complications. At Royal Dental Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Manal Ismail, DDS, may perform a tooth extraction to preserve your oral health and prevent additional complications. To learn more about extractions, call Royal Dental Center or schedule an appointment online today.

What are extractions?

An extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from its socket. There are two types of extractions that your dentist at Royal Dental Center may perform:

Simple extraction

During a simple extraction, your dentist administers an anesthetic to numb your gums before removing the affected tooth. They may use a dental elevator to gently loosen the tooth first. Some simple extractions require stitches, but many don’t.

Surgical extraction

A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure that your dentist performs if your affected tooth isn’t fully visible. To access a tooth trapped beneath the gumline, they make an incision. 

Next, they remove any bone and tissue blocking the tooth. Finally, your dentist closes the sutures and packs your mouth with gauze.

Who needs extractions?

At Royal Dental Center, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction to treat:

Severe tooth decay

Decay that spreads through the entire tooth may leave it irreparable. While your dentist may try to treat the tooth with a root canal, the treatment may not stop the decay from spreading. Extracting the tooth can help prevent decay from reaching your surrounding teeth and can minimize your risk of infection.

Impacted wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth, or your third molars, are the final teeth to develop. You have two wisdom teeth in the back of your top arch and two in your lower jaw. Since wisdom teeth typically develop between ages 17-21, your jaws are already fully developed. 

Your mouth might not have enough room to accommodate extra teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth can be impacted, meaning they’re trapped beneath the gumline.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that causes widespread tissue inflammation. Also called gum disease, this infection can cause the teeth to loosen. Your dentist may recommend pulling the tooth and replacing it with a more durable alternative to prevent complications.


Having a crowded smile means your mouth isn’t large enough to accommodate all of its teeth. To prevent malocclusions (bite problems) and crooked teeth, your dentist may perform an extraction.

What happens after extractions?

Simple extractions typically involve very little downtime. Any bleeding or swelling you experience should subside within a few days. The recovery period for a surgical extraction may take up to seven days, during which time you should keep the incision site clean. 

Your dentist may recommend changing your gauze periodically and rinsing with warm water to prevent infection. Anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, can relieve pain and swelling while you heal.

To learn more about extractions, call Royal Dental Center or schedule an appointment online today.

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